West Virginia Athletic Directors Association (WVADA) - Welcome to the official website of the WVADA - West Virginia Athletic Directors Association (WVADA) - Welcome to the official website of the WVADA
West Virginia Athletic Directors Association

Welcome to the official website of the WVADA

 The WVADA is excited to announce a new partnership with Gipper. Gipper already works with some of our members and will be a great option for those looking to use social media more effectively within their departments. Plus, as part of the partnership, WVADA members will have a 10% discount for any purchase! Go to our Helpful Links Tab under the Home tab to find out more and take advantage of this exclusive discount!!

Registration for the National AD Conference this December in Denver is listed below: 

                                           National Athletic Directors Conference | Denver | adconference.org

Congratulations to the WVADA Student Scholar/Athlete Scholarship winners for 2021 !

Madeline Hilvers of Ritchie County High School

Blake Hartman of Musselman High School


Thanks to all who participated in our WVADA Virtual Conference! Next year , however, we look forward to resuming our Annual Spring Conference at Stonewall Resort. DATES are: April 2 & 3 , 2022. This Conference is in conjunction with the WVSSAC Board of Control which is April 4 & 5.



The WVADA recently hosted the state delegates in the Great State of West Virginia, at Glade Springs Resort for the NIAAA Section 2 Summer Meeting ! 





National Initiative and Assistance Network

Last year the National Initiative was the Wounded Warrior Project in which the WVADA and its members combined to contribute close to $600!

The WVADA has made an intitial $250 contribution to this cause. Read below how you can donate as an individual.

This committee coordinates the National Initiative & Assistance Network of the NIAAA. The purpose of the NIAN is for use by members in cases of medical or vehicular emergencies when traveling or to assist the office in the case of a natural disaster. The committee secures two emergency contact persons in each state and coordinates the publicity of this list of emergency contacts. The committee has one member from each of the eight NIAAA geographical sections and meets each year in conjunction with the NIAAA/NFHS National Conference for athletic directors.

An additional function of the NIAN is to raise awareness and funds to nationwide causes. The National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association has selected the Tunnels to Towers Foundation as the 2020 Initiative. The Tunnels to Towers Foundation honors the sacrifice of firefighter Stephen Siller who laid down his life to save others on September 11, 2001. They also honor our military and first responders who continue to make the supreme sacrifice of life and limb for our country.

Working together as an association driven to serve, please join us in making a difference with our military and first responders by encouraging all members to contribute. Click here for more info. https://members.niaaa.org/page/NIAN



Conference Sponsors



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DAVIS ATHLETICS, LLC                                                              

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